Why Iran?

Out of all the countries in the world, why did we decide to set up base in Iran?

It’s simple. According to the World Economic Forum, Iran ranks high on the list of the top countries with the most engineering graduates, making it a major repository of IT talent. However, the talent pool is relatively untapped due to the lack of foreign investment in the country.

We aim to tap into Iran’s large pool of IT talent, which we believe to have world-class potential. Come and join us in developing state-of-the-art financial software solutions that make an impact around the world.

Company values

Customer focus

We always put our customers first and dedicate ourselves to building products and services that give them the best trading experience possible.


We love to work with smart and talented people who are eager to roll up their sleeves and get things done.


We value positive team players who can work together to overcome challenges and achieve common goals.


We believe that we should always do the right thing. This includes serving our customers with honesty and transparency, settling all contracts by the book, and communicating in plain language that can be easily understood.

Software development philosophy

Joel test

We use the Joel test to build better software teams and write better code.

Source control

We manage all our projects with Git.

Build in one step

We aim for uncomplicated and fast build processes to accelerate development speed.

Fixing bugs

We aim to keep the bug counts down to a minimum by fixing bugs before writing new code.


We have software testers that test new code before it is released to production.

Bug database

We track bugs using Trello.

Usability testing

We conduct usability testing for all front-end projects.


For complex projects, we write a specification document before coding starts.


We set specific schedules for each task.

Daily builds

We release new code to production almost every day.