What we build

We build robust, intuitive software and applications that make financial services more accessible to everyone.

First Source Arya Solutions LLC is the software engineering team that the financial industry needs, offering elegant, end-to-end technological solutions that help our clients build better software, manage their infrastructure, and increase their bottom line.

We believe

Great software comes from the right combination of people and technology.

That’s why we employ people who possess exceptional drive, talent, and ideas and equip them with the most advanced hardware and software to help you meet your unique business needs.

How we build

Strategy and planning

We collaborate closely with our clients' key stakeholders to nurture ideas through careful research and planning.

User experience & design

We take time to craft solid UX and intuitive interfaces that delight users so they stick around.

Software development

We offer end-to-end software development.

Managed IT services

We use only the best infrastructure and services to ensure minimal downtime.

MT5 bridge and plugins

We help manage liquidity feeds and risk through the development of custom bridges and plugins.